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Welcome to my blog


Hello cake followers! I am Jennifer, the face behind Forgoodnesscake.biz.  I thought I would start a blog so I could share some of my experiences in cake making...so here it is!


Between the icing sugar and the end cake, there is a quite a long, sometimes complex process, to making your cakes. Yes, I know everyone thinks they can do it.  It's only cake right???! And of course, there is always someone who can do it cheaper. But I thought that maybe by sharing with you some of my experiences, folk could better see that, yes, this is a real job, sometimes harder than the hearts and flowers image of it! And hopefully fellow cakers, hobbyists or just folk who like looking at (and eating!) cake, could empathise or gain some tips from me. My experience is not vast, but I am happy to share what I can!


So, come join me...cake experience not necessary!



Start with the Basics....

By foffer1, May 16 2017 02:24PM

Hello fellow cakers and followers (wave),

I thought I'd kick off this blog with a wee post about how I came to cake decorating in the first place. I've always baked. Ever since I was a kid, when I was bored, I would bake something. I also like eating cake!! I have a very vivid memory of helping my Mum decorate my younger brother's birthday cake. I can't remeber what age he was, or I was for that matter, but the cake was a snooker table. I remember colouring little balls of icing with liquid food colouring!

After having my eldest child, I decided I would not only bake his birthday but I'd decorate it too! Feeling up to the challenge, lol, I decided to make a pirate ship! It really wasn't too bad at all, but I cringe when I look back at my early cakes. But everyone has to start somewhere! Not that I thought for a second I would be making a career out of cakes! The cake went down a storm at nursery and I was asked to make a cake for one of the staff. Naturally, I baulked at the thought of it, but the staff member convinced me I could do it. She had such faith in me that I could pull it off and I didn't want to let her down! She wanted a shoe and shoe box of all things! I've attached a photo, don't laugh!

But seriously, we all start somewhere. Most folk seem to start out like me - by accident rather than a plan! I had made over 100 cakes for family, friends and neighbours before I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could actually do this. And so, back in 2012, I took the nerve-racking step of setting up a facebook page and declaring myself an actual business!

And practice makes perfect right? I never think of my work as perfect, but practice goes a long way! Here's my latest cake with a shoebox and shoe!



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