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Welcome to my blog


Hello cake followers! I am Jennifer, the face behind Forgoodnesscake.biz.  I thought I would start a blog so I could share some of my experiences in cake making...so here it is!


Between the icing sugar and the end cake, there is a quite a long, sometimes complex process, to making your cakes. Yes, I know everyone thinks they can do it.  It's only cake right???! And of course, there is always someone who can do it cheaper. But I thought that maybe by sharing with you some of my experiences, folk could better see that, yes, this is a real job, sometimes harder than the hearts and flowers image of it! And hopefully fellow cakers, hobbyists or just folk who like looking at (and eating!) cake, could empathise or gain some tips from me. My experience is not vast, but I am happy to share what I can!


So, come join me...cake experience not necessary!



What's in a cake?

By foffer1, Jul 14 2017 01:36PM

What's in a cake? Easy right? Flour, eggs, sugar, butter...maybe some flavouring, cocoa, lemon, fruits, ginger...then there's the filling, buttercream, ganache, swiss meringue, jam, curds, sauce....oh now we're starting to get more complicated, lol!

I can tell you what's not in my cakes though? Cardboard that's what! Every tier is all cake. All 4 layers of it! I do not gain height in my tiers by using stacked drums. Some well-known cake suppliers in the central belt do use cake drums to gain extra height. And, you know, that's fine. If that's what you've paid for and you are happy with that.

All my cakes are baked from scratch too. Using quality ingredients and coverings. I don't use any packet mix with lots of additives and preservatives. Pre-mix is used by a lot of bakeries as it has a long shelf life and bakes the same every time. In my opinion, it doesn't taste as nice as fresh cake and is generally over sweet and powdery in texture. However, again, that's all fine, if this is what you expected and you are happy with that. Some folk actually genuinely like packet mix cake! And incredibly, some folk have actually never tasted real cake! I know!!!!

So, just so you can see the inside of my cakes, I've attached a picture. This is my much loved chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate buttercream and chocolate chips. This is before it is crumbcoated and covered and the next step begins!

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