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Welcome to my blog


Hello cake followers! I am Jennifer, the face behind Forgoodnesscake.biz.  I thought I would start a blog so I could share some of my experiences in cake making...so here it is!


Between the icing sugar and the end cake, there is a quite a long, sometimes complex process, to making your cakes. Yes, I know everyone thinks they can do it.  It's only cake right???! And of course, there is always someone who can do it cheaper. But I thought that maybe by sharing with you some of my experiences, folk could better see that, yes, this is a real job, sometimes harder than the hearts and flowers image of it! And hopefully fellow cakers, hobbyists or just folk who like looking at (and eating!) cake, could empathise or gain some tips from me. My experience is not vast, but I am happy to share what I can!


So, come join me...cake experience not necessary!



By foffer1, Sep 8 2017 08:00AM

For me, the cake inside is just as important as how the finished iced cake looks outside. Sure, I want people to say "wow" when they see it, but I also want them to say "Mmmm" when they taste it. I think, for me, who came to cake decorating by way of a love of baking, it is such an important element. Hence, why I will not use packet mix or buy in long life sponges.

Baking from scratch is a skill. Over the years, I have tried and tested many recipes, sometimes I still have to tweak things. It's incredible that if you change a brand of something, it can alter how your cake turns out!

But keeping it simple, I do believe anyone can do it. So here's a recipe it's hard to make a mess up of:

Cupcakes (makes 12 muffin sized cupcakes)

Weigh 4 large eggs (I use fresh free range eggs delivered by my "egg man" who it's possible I have a slight crush on, as he leaves me amazing eggs on my doorstep every week and who wouldn't like that!).

Now, weigh out all ingredients to the same amount. (So, if your eggs weigh 200g, weigh out 200g of everything else).

Caster Sugar

Self-Raising Flour

Butter or margarine

Add flavouring. I use ground vanilla beans for my vanilla sponges but a teaspoon of extract is fine.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 160C. As all ovens are different, I'm not going to give you a time. But, I'd say, after roughly 20 mins, start checking those cakes. Don't open your oven, just look through the window. Check the colour and rise, you should know when they are ready. YOu'll defnitely be able to smell them!

Remember, when you are paying for a cake, that you are paying not only for these ingredients but for the skills of the baker who creates your cake.

By foffer1, Aug 11 2017 08:00AM

I use ganache to coat by cakes before covering. Some folk use buttercream, but I really struggled one hot summer (It happens!) with the buttercream melting under the cake and making it hard to smooth the cake or creating big air bubbles when left. Another cakemaker friend recommended using ganache, it is used by many professional cakemaker around the world, and I have never looked back.

Ganache is made by scalding cream and adding it to chocolate. It makes a beautifully smooth, liquid chocolate mixture that can be used in different quanities to create fillings or coatings. You can add flavourings to the cream to compliment your cake flavour if you wish, or leave it unadulterated.

In my experience, when administered well, ganache creates a firm, smooth surface which is the basis for a smooth polished surface on your cake. Of course, we've a bit to go yet til we get to that stage, but it's all in the preparation!

For milk or white chocolate ganache, I use 3 parts chocolate to 1 part cream.

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